Friday, July 01, 2011


One of those testifying in April 1884 was Asa's eldest child, my great granduncle
Walter Fred Ellingwood. I'm don't know why he testified. He could have
asked to do so, of course, but considering the little amount of information
in his statement, I can't see why he would . Besides, how much would he have
been able to understand or remember about his father's physical condition
since he was only 10 years old when Asa returned home in 1861?

A few parts of Walter's statement were illegible. Perhaps the person
recording the statements was tiring?

It starts out by saying "..his age is 33 years, P.O. address Upton, Maine,

Q: Are you not the son of Asa F.Ellingwood the claimant
A: Yes Sir

Q: Do you remember when your father came home from the war in 1861
A: No sir I do not know what month. I know it was in the winter.

Q: What was the trouble with him at the time he came home in Dec 1861
A: He had the kidney complaint and (the rest of the sentence is illegible)

Q: When did you first know he had any ruptures
A: When he came home from the army the last time.

Q: How much of the time each and every yearsince 1865 has he been unable
     to perform manual labor by reason of said disabilities.
A: I don't know for I have not been at home most of the time.

Q: Do you have any interest directly or indirectly in the prosecution of said claim
A: No sir 

To be continued.


Linda Gartz said...

Finding these original old documents and discovering what they reveal about our ancestors is one of the most abiding joys I find in doing family research. So much was expected of little children in the past--as if they were mini adults. This is a treasure.

BTW, I just sent in my CoG July submission to the official site, but just to be safe, I'll add the link here too. Please let me know ( if there's a problem.

Perry said...

The occupation looks like "lumberman" to me. The other illegible sentence looked like "He had the kidney complaint and I heard him say he had overheat".

Bill West said...

Thanks Perry!