Saturday, July 02, 2011


I've blogged in the past about finding distant cousins from the Dunham family
buried at Mt Vernon cemetery here in Abington, the same cemetery where my
parents are buried. Well, today I found another cousin but this time from another
branch of Dad's family. Dad's grandfather Philip J West was married to Clara F.
Ellingwood, Originally the family spelled it Ellinwood or Ellenwood but our side of
the family adopted Ellingwood in the 19th century, (Clara, by the way, was the
daughter of Asa Ellingwood, whose Civil War pension file I've been posting here)

When I saw David Ellinwood's gravestone I was pretty sure we were related. All
the New England Ellingwoods are descended from Ralph Ellinwood of Salem,
Essex, Ma. What I wasn't sure of was how closely related we were. So, when I
came home I looked him up at It turns out he is a nearer cousin
to me than any of the Dunhams I'd discovered earlier, a second cousin five times
removed. Eliza Ann his wife turns out to be one of the numerous Stetsons from
this area and they were married in East Bridgewater, Plymouth, Ma.on 6Nov
1842. They had one child, a daughter. I suspect David probably came here
from New Hampshire to work in one of the local factories.

Here's a chart showing the two lines of decent from  Ebenezer Ellingwood:

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