Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Before I post my 2010 genealogical resolutions, I thought
I'd show how I've fared with the 2009 edition. As you can see,
I've had some mixed results. The resolutions are italicized
and the results are not.

"One, keep chipping away at the John Cutter West brick wall.

Well, it took nearly all year but as I recently blogged, I have a new
lead I'm exploring.

Two, do more research on my White and McFarland ancestry
and blog more
on them.
I've fallen woefully short on this one.I found so much Good Stuff
on my Dad's side of the family it pretty much has taken precedence.

Three, well, exact same as last year, work on organizing my files
source citations.
Still working at it but it seems to be a constant process, no?

Four, stay in touch with Aunt Dot and the rest of my Ohio relatives
and share
what I find about our family history with them.
Probably my best kept resolution with the highlight being the trip to
the Ellingwood Family reunion up in Maine, with Aunt Dot, Diana, Gary.
Gary's Mom and my sister. And we keep in touch with Facebook!

Five, get out to the Hingham FHS, the NEGHS, the Boston Public Library,
the Mass State Archives. I'm also adding the Boston Archdiocese Archives
when it reopens sometime next year.
Mobility problems put the kibosh on this one.

Six, work on getting all the pictures scanned.

Still working on this one,

Seven, try to keep from getting bogged down on Facebook with application
requests. To that end, I'm not accepting any new apps. I hope this doesn't
offend anyone whose invitations I decline but when the requests get up into
the 70 and 80 request range, it cuts into the research time."
I've been successful with this one. No new apps joined.

So that's 2009. I bet you can guess which ones will carry over to 2010!


Wendy said...

I gave up Facebook apps as well, and use it to keep up with family more than for any other reason. I'm also organizing my file and source citations; trying to finish tonight!

It looks like you did a good job of keeping your 2009 resolutions. Best of luck with 2010! I hope you will be able to make it down to all the places you want to visit.

hummer said...

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