Saturday, December 26, 2009


Well, I certainly was the recipient of some awesome Christmas
gifts this year that will be very helpful in researching the family

First off, my cousin Diana surprised me with a membership to I had to drop it back in September due to financial
reasons intending to rejoin maybe sometime in 2010. Now thanks
to Diana I'm back on and chasing down the new lead on John Cutter
West! Thanks, Diana!

Then on Christmas Eve, my sister Cheryl,her husband Peter and my
niece and nephews gave me another surprise: a new Toshiba laptop
computer. It came with the new Windows 7 and as soon as I get a
router and figure out this wireless stuff I'll be switching over to that
computer. This will be something new for me; I've used dialup for
most of the time I've been online but downloading images and
documents will be much quicker now! Thanks Cheryl,Peter, Sarah,
Steve, Paul, Jen and Mike!

As I told my Facebook friends yesterday, I have a tradition of naming
my computers, and up until now their names were from "Seinfeld". But
I've switched to another show for this laptop, and named it Sheldon!


Amanda Acquard said...

You named it after a hysterical character on a brilliant show! Enjoy your gifts:-)

Wendy said...

What wonderful gifts! I'm writing to Genea-Santa next year. LOL

Karen Packard Rhodes said...

Hey, cuz! You got some awesome stuff, for sure! My husband always gives me a Staples gift card, which is great because I use a lot of office supplies as a genealogy writer and student!

He also gave me something that will make my genealogical speaking a lot easier, too. It is a Honeywell remote which is very hand-fitting, and works great (at least in a test situation) for running my PowerPoint presentations from anywhere in the room. I have had some speaking venues where I was pretty much tethered to the computer, and sometimes too close to the audience's line of sight to the screen. With this remote, I can present from anywhere in the room.

Happy New Year, and enjoy that new computer (and the rapidity of wireless connection!)