Thursday, December 10, 2009


Dear Genea-Santa,
Yeah, it's me again. I know I already wrote you this year concerning
helping me out with the John Cutter West search but it occurred to
me that you're a busy guy and it might be more time out of your busy
schedule than you can spare to track down old John C.'s parents. I've
given it some thought and I've come up with alternative choices for
genea-gifts this year to make it easier on you.

So here they are:

1. A lead that will help me track down my Mom's White family relatives.
While her Dad Edward Francis White Sr. is long since gone, he had
brothers and sisters and even children from his second marriage. So
anything concerning descendants of Edward J. White and Pauline Offincer
/Offlincher/Offinger would be great!

2. As long as we're talking about Mom's side of the family, there's plenty
of blanks on her maternal line the McFarlands. A big blinking neon arrow
on a map of Ireland right over where my great grandparents came from
would be extremely helpful!

3. Turning to Dad's side of the family, there's several other problems I
could use a hand with besides the Elusive John Cutter West. For example,
there's Lucinda Stow/Stowe, my 3X great grandmother who married my
3x great grandfather Wesley/Westley Coburn. I still have no idea who her
parents were. Maybe you could have Rudolph shine some light on that?

4.Speaking of the Coburn line, I don't even have a name for the wife of
Caleb Coburn, Wesley's grandfather.I know Caleb was born in Dracut, Ma
12Dec 1738 and that his son Moses was born in Tyngsboro Ma.on 24Nov
1765 before they moved up to Oxford County, Maine. Maybe you could
have one of the older elves check that one out!

5.Finally,there's my Richardson line.My great great grandmother Louisa
Almata Richardson married my great great grandfather Jonathan Phelps
West. I can only go back as far as her grandfather Philip Peirce/Pierce
Richardson who married Lydia Dow in Pembroke NH on 15Nov 1794. I
have no birth records or names for parents for him, but maybe you could
check your archives of "Naughty or Nice" lists to get that info for me?

I hope that helps make fulfilling my genea-gift wish easier, Genea-Santa.
I have some more but I'll save for next year.

After all, I don't want you to think I'm genea-greedy!

Written for the 86th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

I hope Santa in generous and grants more than one of your requests. What a treat it would be for all of us if he would just put the Naughty 'n Nice archives online!

Melanie Farmer said...

Philip Richardson and Lydia Dow are my ancestors also. I have found only that they were from Scotland. Have you looked there?

Bill West said...

Hi Melanie,
Not yet. But there's another theory
that seems common with other Richardson researchers that Lydia Dow was the daughter of Amasa Dow
and Hannah Buswell and that she was
born here in New Hampshire.I've
gone with that line so far but am still seeking records.

How are you descended from them?