Sunday, April 05, 2009


Alright, you know how on many blogs you must use word verification in order to post
a comment? I've done so many of those now that if I click on the empty box I get
a whole drop list of words I've had to type previously. It made me think of my friend
Diana, who used to take the subject lines from spam mail(before deleting them) and
then fashion them into stories. While I can't do that with the word
words, it struck me that I could perhaps come up with what they might mean if they
actually WERE words.

Such as....

jecof ......What I do when I have a cold in France.

quition ... The act of asking yourself or others if you should quit your job.

rantic.....the state of mind in which you work yourself up into a blog rant.

rembot ...what you run the risk of becoming when you are able to rattle off long lists
of ancestors from memory.

mitths.... Mitt Romney supporters.

What about you? Do you have any "new words" from your word verification boxes?


Wendy said...

Wow! I can now tell people, "Aw, just ignore me. I'm a rembot, is all." LOL Cute list!

Hmm, the "word" verification on the comment I'm posting here is "elstipo". Bet that could be turned into something...

geneabloggers said...

Well I had to just try this out - here while entering this comment I have generated:

matio - a "so so" guess at a ratio

hypti - one who practices frantic fast adaptation of that which is cool

smixl - a unit of measurement to denote the smile area of a photo portrait

uphiria - similar to euphoria; what you feel when you made it up that hill

Anonymous said...

Love it. I am always amazed by the words I have to enter to comment. Sometimes I think they are words - in Polish. To leave this comment, I have to vadap, which is the Stanley Kowalski A Streetcar Named Desire way of saying "What up?".

Greta Koehl said...

I should have been writing these down - some of them are "almost words." Then we could make a "Wordle" out of them! (Mine is "houthee".)

Bill West said...

Wendy...I'll have to think on that elstipo!

Thomas...good ones, especially the

Donna...shades of that old Budweiser
commercial. "Vadap?"

Greta..."houthee"...a medieval greeting as in :

"Good? Houthee?"

"Fine, but I have a touch of the elstipo in my throat."

Thanks for playing along, guys!

Susan Curelop said...

Really funny! I can already see the word verification before I send this who is ignorant to the facts about word verification.