Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Alright, I have sinned. I am a genealogy blogger, and apparently I and
my fellow genealogy bloggers are not to be trusted sources of information,
don't cha know.

I do try to make sure I cite all my sources and keep my copy of
Evidence! handy to try to cite them correctly, and if I make a mistake
I try to immediately acknowledge it and correct it.

But in the interests of not muddying the clear springs of genealogical
truth, I've decided to do the only honorable thing and fall on
my flutaphone. So I'm discontinuing this blog and ....






Of course I'm not going to stop blogging over a unfair sweeping
condemnation of genealogy blogs by a person who's blog I will not
give a link to here. Rather, go read footnoteMaven's and Thomas
blogposts on this discussion.


Kiril The Mad Macedonian said...

When I heard of this it really annoyed me.

Thru My blogging, and the blogging of others, I have leaned so much, and made some interesting, and important contacts, and got many useful tips.

Bill West said...

Hi Kiril,
I hate sweeping generalities like
the one this fellow made about genealogy blogs. But I guess he
got plenty of site traffic out of
it. Ah well...

footnoteMaven said...


As one of my favorite bloggers, I'm so glad this was just April Fool's, don't ever want to do without you!

Wish the other was April Fool's as well.

The issue with "he who is dead to me" lies with the ethics of his statements and nothing more. We do not have to justify our work based on his comments, but he should have to justify his.

Thanks for the shout out!