Monday, March 09, 2009


I've been doing some more research on ancestors and relatives involved in
the 17th century Indian wars of New England and I'll be posting some articles
about them in the coming days. I keep finding information I never knew about.

I also am planning a series about the economic recessions and panics and how
they may have effected my family. They've happened a lot more frequently in
American history than most people realize.

I sometimes wonder just how much my 19th century West family ancestors
knew about their ancestors. Of course, most would have known about their
grandfathers who fought in the Revolution. But did Arvilla Ames know about
Rebecca Blake and Mary Eastey at Salem? Was Clara Ellingwood aware of how
many connections she had to the Mayflower passengers? And did Louisa
Richardson hear stories of Jeremiah Swain and the Indians?

I probably will never know. None of them left any written proof of such
knowledge. But I hope that by writing articles about events my ancestors lived
through I am helping pass along their stories to their descendants.

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Apple said...

At least no written proof that you've found! Never say never ;-)
With few entertainments back then I'd think that family stories would have been a regular form of entertainment. One that disappeared along the way. None of my family was aware of Mary Easty until I started researching.

Looking forward to more early New England history.