Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The 2009 Abington St. Patrick's Day Parade was held on Sunday, March 22nd
this year because many of the units also marched in Boston or Scituate on the
17th. My brother Phil is part of the Defenders Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps
and he marched this year in the parade as he did many times with the original
Defenders when he was younger. That's him with the bass drum and wearing
the white plumed shako. I didn't attend because I was sick but his sons did
and saw their Dad march for the first time.I wonder if either of them were
bitten with the bug to march as Phil was when he saw our parents march in so
many parades as a kid.

Speaking of the Parade, I received an commentl from Tim Bailey who corrected an
mistake I made on the post where I first discussed the Parade. It was his father
Jack Bailey who started the Abington St. Patrick's Day Parade, not his
grandfather Eddie Bailey. Read the original post here and Tim's comment.
I'm correcting the error.

The Bailey family is owed a debt of gratitude for starting a great annual
Abington institution!

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