Saturday, June 28, 2008


Okay, so you are visiting New England on a hot summer day
and stop at a Brigham's or Friendly's for an ice cream cone and
the person at the take out window asks you "Do you want
jimmies on that?"

No, he's not asking you if he can put someone else's ice cream
on your cone. You probably know "jimmies" as "sprinkles", the
brightly colored bits of sugar sprinkled on ice cream, cookies,
and cupcakes.

No, I've no idea why they are called that up here. I suspect they
were first invented or served to diners by someone named
James or or Jimmy. At any rate, an ice cream cone with some
"jimmies'' on top sure sounds good on a hot day, doesn't it?

They're best on traditional "hard' ice cream but you can get
them at the DQ, too. If you want to be really decadent, have
the cone "dipped" in chocolate with "jimmies"

It's wicked good!

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