Monday, June 23, 2008


I'm on vacation this week and slept in today. I do have plans
for this week involving some genealogy research but I need a
haircut badly. The problem is my barber who I've gone to for
years is closed on Monday, so I'll get the haircut tomorrow
and take the train into Boston Wednesday and/or Thursday
depending on how much I find out at the three places I want
to visit.

I need the haircut so I will not be mistaken for one of the
homeless people who hang around inside the Library when I
visit the main branch at Copley Square. There's been some
unfortunate incidents involving muggings and fights there,
which is a sad statement both on the state of the library and
the state of a society where people need to use it for shelter.

So for today I've been catching up on reading other folks'
geneablog posts and doing some writing while keeping an ear
out for the approach of thunderstorms which are forecast for
all day. I've parked Ping under some trees in the parking lot
in the hopes it will keep most of the rain off since Ping does
not do well with damp wires.

And Happy Birthday to my late great-great grandmother,
Louisa Almata Richardson who was born 171 years ago on
this date, 23Jun 1837.

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