Thursday, June 19, 2008


It finally dawned on me that I forgot to include some pictures
with my Carnival of Genealogy post about pets. So here are
three. The first is of Saddles, the very first family dog, and
the photo was taken sometime in the late 1940's or early

The one above it (I can never get these pictures to load right
on Blogger!) is of my Mom, her nephew Vincent White, and the
dog is Flipper. It was taken on Evans St in Dorchester, Ma. in
the early 1960's. In the background you can barely see the
triple decker apartment building we lived in. It's on the far
right of the shot.

Finally, the one on top and the last chronologically is of
our cousin "Ree"(Marie) McFarland, my Sister Cheryl,
and a friend with Brownie on Bicknell Hill Rd in Abington
Ma. It's the only picture we have of Brownie

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