Monday, June 16, 2008


It's been one of those days. Ping didn't start this morning,
which was probably for the best since I wasn't feeling too well
and it's better to be here at home when I feel lousy than to
be stuck somewhere in a stalled out car. If Ping doesn't start
up tomorrow I'll take the train into work and have the car
repaired next week when I'm on vacation.

This was on top of a near disaster, blog-wise. I had been
visiting each entry for the Carnival of Genealogy and
bookmarking them into a Blog Carnival folder. Around 6pm
Sunday night as I was writing up the final version of the
introductions, there was some sort of very brief power failure.
The lights flickered and the computer shut down but
everything was back on immediately. The computer seemed
ok and I shut it off while I watched the Celtics-Lakers game.

When I turned it back on after the game ended, I went back
to working on the CoG and found that not only were most of
my bookmarks for genealogy gone, so was the "Blog Carnival"
folder. Luckily I had saved all the email entries and hadn't
lost the intro, so I was able to finish it today. The 50th CoG
is stored on Blogger and I tried setting a timer on the post.
We'll see if I did it right come tomorrow night!

Putting together this CoG edition has given me a greater
appreciation of the hard work Jasia has put in it month
after month!

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