Friday, August 31, 2007


A few random things as I sit and wait to feel sleepy…

Apparently A*******.com was well aware of genealogy bloggers’
opinions on the recent controversy. A post and comment on
Craig's Geneablogie mentioned the location of Pleasant Grove,
Utah and sure enough, when I checked my Statcounter there it
was. So all those posts from the community were being read.

Thanks to Janice at Cow Hampshire and Becky at Kinnexions
for alerting us all!

I gave myself a belated birthday gift and took a monthly
subscription to and straightaway found some
Revolutionary Pension files on another Barrows and two Barker
relatives, as well as another encounter with the name Jessie
Tuttle. More on that in future posts.

Also, I dl Family Tree Legends and am very impressed with it. It’s
much easier to make reports and charts than with PAF and there’s
more types of each to choose from. Editing is easier too I think. But
I’ll be interested to see what more experienced genealogists like
Randy at Genea-Musings think of FTL as compared to the others.

OK, I think I am ready for bed.

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Time to take a look here too, cousin.