Monday, August 20, 2007


It’s been sort of a slow day today here genealogy activity wise.
I’m still concerned about my friend Diana and didn’t feel much
like scanning old family pictures either. So I read some of the
Carnival of Genealogy and laughed (again) at Janice’s “Genealogy
Seminars I’d Like to See” and did likewise at John Newmark’s
“What If” at his Transylvanian Dutch blog. One of the great
things about the CoG is how I keep finding new blogs to add to
my link list. Today I added John’s.

The next CoG, the 31st, will be “Confirm or Debunk: Family
Myths, Legends, and Lore.” I wasn’t sure I’d be contributing to
that since I’d already sent the story of the family Blackfoot Indian
legend in and couldn’t think of anything new to write. Then I
remembered my post back in April about Lydia Phelps and sent

Saturday night I was adding more Ellingwood siblings of my
ancestors to my charts I noticed that one of Ralph Ellingwood
Sr.’s daughters, Mary, had married a John Smith. Since I use PAF
I did a search on FamilySearch, then confirmed what I found over
on several of the RootsWeb WorldConnect files: John Smith and
Mary Ellingwood’s daughter Abigail married Ebenezer Dunham.

Now I’ve always known about the connection between the
Dunhams and Ellingwoods because of the marriage of Asa F.
Ellingwood to Florilla Dunham. And when I looked at my pedigree
charts, sure enough, there was John Smith but Mary’s name was
spelled Ellenwood, one of the alternative versions

Well, that thud you perhaps heard very early Sunday morning
was my jaw hitting the floor. Which was followed by a Homer
Simpson like “DOH!” at my never noticing it. I emailed Chris
Dunham about it and he’d known about it from his own research.

It's the kind of “Would you believe…?” thing that I hope to tell
Diana about soon.


Apple said...

I hope things work out for Diana.

Janice said...


Thanks for the mention. I'm glad you had a good laugh. Genealogists need to develop a sense of humor about their past and themselves :D