Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have been working a mid day (noon to 9pm)shift at work the
last few nights and so I’ve been getting online a bit later than
I usually do (and that’s fairly late already). So I’ve come to the
discussion over’s newest…er….venture(?) only

I’m not very sharp minded at 3:15am, so I’ll not even attempt to
discuss why I find the scraping tactic ethically challenged except
to say that whenever I’ve used material from others’ sites on this
blog I’ve asked their permission first. I expect the same courtesy
to be extended towards me in using my blog posts.

I do not charge anyone to read or make use of the information. I
would expect that should anyone, oh, say, the corporation in
question, were to make use of my writing posted here that they
would likewise not charge others to read it. (Although I don't
know if they've used anything of mine. I'm not a subscriber.)

I don’t ask readers to register here to view my blog. I would
expect that …well…you get the picture.

Okay, henceforth, the Corporation in Question’s name will be
either referred to as A*******.com or as They Who Shall NOT
Be Named (TWSNBN for short) and there will be no links or tags
with said Corporation’s full name should the occasion arise that
they are even mentioned.

And I’ve copyrighted the blog and added a Creative Commons
Copyright notice, something that in hindsight I probably should
have done earlier but in my innocence and enthusiasm did not
think necessary for a genealogy blog.

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Jasia said...

Bravo Bill! Very well said!