Monday, August 07, 2017


I'm a big believer in genealogy blogging as a way to share information about my ancestors online.
I know there are those who prefer to keep their research private but by doing so I feel they miss out on being contacted by distant relatives through a Google search. I've had many such contacts since I started this blog, sometimes through something I posted years ago.

The latest example of this occurred last week when my new found cousin H.F. contacted me because of my posts about our shared ancestor Moses Coburn. We exchanged information in emails, and in of them H.F. mentioned he had a portrait of Moses. Would I like a photo?

Would I? Wow, I sure did!

Shortly after it arrived via email. I asked H.F. for permission to share the photo, which he gave. And here it is:

4xggf Moses Coburn (1765-1848) courtesy of H.F.

Moses Coburn is an Interesting fellow, a member of a prominent family in Dracut and Tyngsborough, Ma. He was paid to enlist by some  citizens of Dunstable Ma in 1781 when he was 16 years old,
and  served over two years. He married Esther Spaulding in 1794 and applied for his pension in 1818 while living in Tyngsborough, Ma. He moved to  Newry, Maine sometime after that where he died in 1848.

And now I have a face to put with his story.

I've shared the probate files for Moses and his grandfather (another Moses Coburn) with H.F.and together the two of us are trying to solve the mystery of the identity of his mother who ws married to Caleb Coburn.

Thanks, H.F., for sharing that portrait with me!

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