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My 7x great grandparents Henry Lovejoy and Sarah Farnum were 2nd cousins because they
were both descendants of my immigrant ancestor Ralph Farnum Sr. Apparently Henry led
an uneventful life since his entry in the family genealogy is mostly about his wife's family:

Henry Lovejoy 3 (son of William, 2 John 1 ). 1683-1776. 

3. Henry Lovejoy was born in Andover, Mass., November 27, 1683, and died in the year 1776, in his 94th year. He was buried February 2, 1776. He married Sarah Farnum, granddaughter of Elizabeth Holt and Ralph Farnum,  February 14, 1712. Sarah was born May 5, 1686, and was the daughter of Ralph Farnum 3 , born January 1, 1662, and his wife, Sarah Sterling; married October 9, 1685. Ralph 3 was the son of Ralph Farnum 2 , of Andover, and his wife, Elizabeth Holt, who was born March 30, 1636, in Newbury, and married October 26, 1658. Elizabeth was the daughter of Nicholas Holt, who came to Boston in the ' ' James, ' ' from Romsey, Hants County, England, June 3, 1635. He pro-ceeded to Newbury, where he was one of the first settlers and received his share of the allotments of land given to each settler. At Newbury he kept the first ferry near Holt 's Rocks. 

The children of Henry Lovejoy and Sarah Farnum were :
I. Sarah, b. November, 1712.
II. Henry, b. August 14, 1714.
III. David, b. October 10, 1715.
IV. Caleb, b. December 28, 1716.
V. Mary, b. December 17, 1718.
VI. Joshua, b. December 2, 1719.
VII. Martha, b. November 2, 1720.
VIII. William, b. January 1, 1721-2.
IX. William, b. April 16, 1723.
X. Stephen, b. June 7, 1724.
XL Jerusha, b. July 5, 1725.
XII. Abiel, b. February 24, 1731. 

Genealogical record of John Lovejoy (1622-1917) of Andover, and his wife Mary Osgood of Ipswich, Massachusetts : also of their descendants  Anne Gide Johnson Denver Co. 1917

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