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In my last post I showed an image of my ancestor John Lovejoy's will and commented it would take some time to transcribe it because of the deteriorated nature of the pages.

Essex County, MA: Probate File Papers, 1638-1881.Online database. New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2014. (From records supplied by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives.) 17068:1

 But afterwards I found  an abstract by Charlotte Helen Abbott  in her research on the Lovejoy family. You can read it (and many more of her research papers) in the Abbott Genealogies at the Andover Memorial Hall Library website.

The abstract is somewhat disjointed which is to be expected considering the condition of the document:

John Lovejoy, (1) Sr., to Hannah, (2nd wife), what goods we have used-having lived comfortably together 13 yes., my desire she shall be made comfortable while she continues in this world, East end of house and cellar; corn, pork, cider,malt, apples, annually-(12 bushels of corn including six of
Indian; 3 of wheat, 3 of rye ) 1 cow; deliveries 1st day of May each year to milk- horse,and man to wait on her, etc., if she had rather go b the writing we made when she married me, do so instead.

William (2) has what I gave him already.  Christopher, 30 acres west side of grandson John etc he to pay a bequest to sister Sara or her children.

Nathe, the upland I bought of his brother, Ben, a bequest also to Abigail or his children.

Joseph has 80 acres in great division, etc.,-to pay to daughter Anne or children.

Ebenezer has the dwelling house, barn, orchard and land left side the highway; meadow on Boston  Hill, etc., land near Chris joining John, Jr's widow.

All the boys have a part of the Pond Meadow and pay mother the corn, annuity, etc.- Ebenezer has personals also;  20 acres of Common, worth 20 lbs, go to the 3 boys, Chris, Nathe, and Joseph, who are charged with the sisters' bequests, Sara Johnson and Annie Blanchard.

Deborah and Abigail Lovejoy, both then  unmarried get 5 lbs. each. Thomas Osgood and w. Susanna-witnesses

He adds afterwards tha his goods be divided between Ebenezer and Deborah, Ebenezer to pay Abigail  and Deborah 3 lbs each, 1 year after their marriage.

Grandaughter Frances , now under my care, is charged to stay with her Uncle Ebenezer until she is 18 (then 17) and he will give her all the clothes she needs.

Brother Thomas Osgod and sons Wm. and Joseph Lovejoy, to overseer young Ebenezer till of age and to execute particular care over Frances. The sons are asked to "carry themselves dutifully" to their mother (step-mother) "grieve her not in her old age as you expect the blessing of God upon you and yours."

Young Ebenezer was to make no bargain against the minds of the overseers "during time of his non-age."

Ebenezer and his mother to carry out these bequests with the advice of the overseers.

"I take my leave of this world and all things in this vale of tears"
. pp67-68
Early Records And Notes Of The Lovejoy Family

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