Friday, March 24, 2017


Before I start posting about the Ellingwood wives,a brief overview.

Most of my Dad's colonial  ancestors on his mom's side are from the counties north and west of Boston. But on his father's there are four branches from the south in Plymouth County, and two
are from Ellingwood marriages.

The first is through my 3x great grandmother Rachel Barrows who married John Ellingwood Jr.

The other is 2x great grandmother Florilla Dunham, wife of Asa Ellingwood. Florilla was an Ellingwood descendant herself, and when I try to print out a descendant chart between Asa Ellingwood and my Dad, it gives it through Florilla because she is descended from Ralph's oldest child, Mary Ellingwood,

From the other Ellingwood wives I have more connections to the north and in some cases to 
families on the Barker side of the family,.

I'll be discussing the family of my 7x great  grandmother Martha Rowlandson first.

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