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 My 8x great grandfather Thomas Rowlandson seems to have been moderately active in the
 Salisbury, Ma. community. Here's what David Webster Hoyt wrote about him in his book:

2 Thomas^ Rowlandson [or Rolenson] {Thomas^), of Ipswich and  Salisbury, m. May 17, 1653[S Sm], Dorothy Portland. He was of Ip. in 1648 ; rem. to S. ab. 1652, taxed in S. that year and in 1659 ; signed petitions of 1658 and '80 ; member of S. chh. 1677 ; d. July, 1682[S] ; will July 7, Sep. 21, 1682 ; wife Dorothy ment. ; also son Joseph and four daus., without giving names. Wid. seems to be named " Dorothy Perin," in 1689 ; but " Dorothy Rowlandson " appears in 1694. Children :

6 i Elizabeth,3 b. June 7, 16.54[S]; d. July 29, 16o5[S].
7 ii Thomas,3 b. July 5, 1656rs] ; killed by Indians in the attack upon  his uncle's house in Lancaster, Feb. 10, 1675-6.
8 iii Sarah,3 b. Aug. 5, 1658[S]; m. Dec. 5, 1684[S], (18) Nicholas Bond.+
9 iv Elizabeth,3 b. Feb. 26, 1660[S] ;* [m. John Ellenwood, and d. bef. 1706?].t
10 v Joseph,3 b. Feb. 18, 1663[S]; res. S.; "cordwinder" in 1689; d. bef. Sep. 28, 1694, when his mother Dorothy was ap. adm. his est.
11 vI Mary 3 b. Aug. 24, ]666[S]; m. Feb. 7, 1687-8[S], (1) Jonathan Blodgett. +
12 vii Martha,3 b. Aug. 24, 1666[S],* [twin], prob. m. bef. 1706, Ralph Ellenwood. t
13 viii John, 3 b. March 20, 1667-8[S] ; prob. d. young.
14 ix Ann 3 b. March 16, 1668-9[S] ; prob. d. young.  p.307

The old families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts ; with some related families of Newbury, Haverhill, Ipswich and Hampton Vol 1 Providence, RI. 1897

There's also an interesting footnote about his estate:

t In an agreement about the est. of Thomas Rowlandson, signed April 8, 1706, by wid. Sarah Bond and Samuel Joy, of S., (in right as purchaser of J. Blodgett and Mary his wife), " John Eleuwood and Ralph Elenwood and Martha his wife," are given as children of Thomas Rowlandson. The will of Ralph Ellenwood of Beverly, 1674, ment. wife Eleanor, and chil. : Ralph, John, Joseph, Benjamin, David, Mary, and Elizabeth. John  and Benj. Ellenwood, sons of Ralph Ellenwood, deed., were living in Beverly in 1694. p.307 ibid.

I've found the original probate file at but haven't transcribed it as yet.
I haven't found the later agreement, though.

I've been thinking about something that occurred to me when I first read the information in
Hoyt's book. Salisbury is roughly twenty five miles north of Beverly up the Massachusetts
coastline. Today that's not that far by car but back in the mid-to late 17th century that was
quite a distance. I assume Ralph Ellingwood met Martha Rowlandson because she was his
sister in law. But how did his older brother John meet Elizabeth Rowlandson?

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Celia Lewis said...

Hmmm, I wonder where that 'agreement' might have been filed... separately from an estate probate somehow? or in Sarah Bond's? Goodness, it could be filed with several different estate files! Good luck, Bill.