Friday, March 03, 2017


((I'm in a bit of a writing funk at the moment, so I looked back through past posts. I used to occasionally write some silly posts. This is one I wrote in March 2011.))

A week ago Saturday I was so wrapped up in my blogging about my
grandfather that I forgot to post these for that week's Saturday Night
Genealogy Fun Challenge from Randy Seaver. So here's my contribution
to Genealogism Dictionary:

Genea-vention: What your family might have to perform when you've spent too
much time on genealogy. "Please honey, put down the gedcom and step away 
from the computer!"

Genea-Conventions :No, not gatherings of genealogists but the agreements you
make with your family on how much time you'll spend on your research and how
much with them. Failure to live up to your family Genea-Conventions could lead
to a genea-vention (see above)     

Genea-pet: Remember that half a sandwich that you accidentally covered with
some folders a few weeks back on your desk ? Well, it's now a lovely shade of
green. AND  IT'S ALIVE!

Geneanation: The whole genealogy community

Geneaverse:        Have you heard of a man name of Randy?
                            With geneachallenges he's handy!
                            Each Saturday night,                           
                            A new one he writes
                            And we all think that they're dandy, Randy!

Geneapen: No, I'm using my laptop, but thank you.

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