Wednesday, January 04, 2017


It took me a few days to come up with my 2017 genea-plans. I wanted to have some specific
new ones for this year along with those I usually make every year. This is what I've decided to
try to do in 2017:

 1. Remember to add more of my ancestors' siblings to the family tree. Most of the ones I need
to work on are in the older colonial families in the 17th and 18th centuries.

2.  Make a better effort to get out to the towns where my ancestors lived  and take photos of their homes and headstones.This will have to wait until the snow and mud seasons are over.

3. Continue reaching my goal of surpassing my previous year's total blogposts on West In New England, and post much more on The Old Colony Graveyard Rabbit(I won't set a goal for OCGR because when I've done it in previous years I usually fail miserably).

4. Keep posting photos of headstones in Mt. Vernon Cemetery to Find A Grave and fill more photo requests. The latter is another activity for after the snow and mud seasons.

5. Stay organized:  Keep putting images  I download into  the folder they belong in immediately,

6. Transcribe more of the documents I haven't done yet.

7. Find and download the wills and probate files of female ancestors.

8.  Research and write up the timeline for my ancestors who were involved in the Colonial New England Indian wars,

9. Finish the series about the "Hot Mess" probate file of ancestor Nathaniel Stowe which I forgot about last May. (Probably because it's such a "hot mess").

10. Get around  to writing  about my ancestor Gov. John Endecott. I keep pushing it aside, I think, because he did somethings that were nasty.

11. Keep whacking away at that John C Cutter brickwall.

12. And finally, as always, keep having fun researching my family tree. 

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Marian B. Wood said...

Happy new year and good luck with your genea-plans. Yours reminded me to do a more efficient job of filing digital images right away. Sometimes I let them pile up in a folder called "to be filed" when it would take only another minute to file properly. Thanks for the push.