Monday, January 09, 2017


For the 2017 edition of 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks I'm going to work om the Ellingwoods and the
and the other families on that branch of my family tree.  I've already written quite a bit on the
Ellingwoods and some of that material will be reused and reexamined as I go along,  but before beginning I thought I'd give a brief overview.

Here's a descent chart from my immigrant ancestor Ralph Ellinwood Sr down to  my 2x great grandfather Asa Freeman Ellingwood:

While my ancestors on my Grandmother Barker's side of the family are all from the areas north and west of Boston, the West and Ellingwood sides have many ancestors from south of Boston in Plymouth County. A large number of them come from Asa Ellingwood's wife, Florilla Dunham.
Despite that Dunham line being predominantly from the Plymouth area, a marriage nearly two hundred years earlier made Asa and Florilla 5th cousins:

There's a lot of things here to cover, and these lines should keep my busy into next year.  I'll be starting off with Ralph Ellinwood Sr., my 8x great grandfather.

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