Monday, January 23, 2017


Ten years ago today I posted my first story on West In New England. During my genealogy research
online I'd found geneablogs written by Randy Seaver, Chris Dunham, and Tim Abbott, who as it turns out, are all my distant cousins.The thought struck me that if I had a geneablog of my own it might help distant cousins find me, and boy,  was I right! It's worked beyond my expectations as "cousin bait".

A few stats: This is post 2135. I've had  679,474 pageviews (most of which were likely by webcrawlers bots) and I  have 277 followers. I lost 15 followers since last year due to some change in Blogger,

These were my All Time Top Ten Posts on this day last year:

And this is the list as of today:

While the top four posts haven't changed, the other six have.

Since it doesn't look like I'll run out of things to write about anytime soon, I 'll keep on going until I do!

Finally, thanks to you folks who read what I write and encourage me by leaving comments!


Linda Stufflebean said...

Bill, Congratulations on your 10th blogiversary. That is a great accomplishment. Ten years is a long time!I enjoy your stories.

Elizabeth Handler said...

Happy Blogiversary, Bill!

Dawn Kogutkiewicz said...

Happy Blogiversary, Bill! 10 years is quite an accomplishment!

Amanda (the librarian) said...

Wow, ten years - what an inspiration! Congrats and keep it up!

Celia Lewis said...

Ten years - good heavens, Bill, I'll never catch up!! Sincere Congratulations to you - it's a lot of work to research and present a post. All the best!

Bill West said...

Thanks, everyone!

John D. Tew said...

Bill: Please excuse my belated CONGRATULATIONS on a decade of blogging. Well done!!