Thursday, December 29, 2016


 Before I make my "geneaplans" for 2017, let's see what they were for 2016 and how
well I did fulfilling them. My comments on how I did on each are in red type: 

1. Work more on my family tree: I still have plenty of collateral relatives to add to my database but I also need to continue to work on merging the duplicates I put in the database back when I first started researching online and was in my "name gathering" newbie phase. I also need to add citations and sources where I don't have any entered.

Result: I added more families to the Barker side of the tree. I added some collateral lines but not as many as I'd hoped. The same is true of citations and sources.

2. Visit more of the towns where my ancestors  lived, see their graves and homes, and take photos: I need to make more of an effort at this as soon as the snow season is over, especially getting up to Essex and Middlesex counties, and west to Worcester county.

Result: Again, not as good as I hoped. I did visit Dedham and Lancaster, but by the time I got to both places it was too late to do more than a quick drive around.

3. Blog more: I met my 2015 goal for this blog of going over 200 posts by reaching 220. So for 2016I need to top that, even if it's only by just one more post. And I will institute that 52 Gravestones in 52 Weeks series for my Old Colony Genealogy Rabbit blog.

Result:  This is post #234 so definitely a success this year for this blog.But I failed miserably in my
Graveyard Rabbit blog.

4. Keep on with Find A Grave activities: I still have a whole lot of cemetery photos to use to creatememorials, and I want to get out and fill some more photo requests.

Result: A moderate success. I found 23 requested headstones and 40 photos so far. There's still a few days left in the year so that may go up a little more.

5.Transcribe: There's a bunch of Probate Files I haven't worked on yet. I started using the program Transcript last Fall and it's simple to use, so I'll see if it makes it easier to keep this resolution.

Result: I'll call this another moderate success since I did transcribe some probate files but there are still plenty more to do.

6. Stay organized: I need to keep at putting things I download onto my hard drive into whatever folder they belong in immediately, rather than letting them sit in the Downloads file until I get around to it.

Result: Success. Having to transfer everything to a new computer helped me organize many files.

7. Scan more: I still have family photos to scan.

Result: Failure.

8. Index more:  I hope to do some indexing for Familysearch without waiting for another crowd sourcing "event" to motivate me

Result: Failure.

9. Join a local society: I say this every year. Hope springs eternal.

Result: Failure, Hope is still springing but I still haven't done this.

10. Break down that John Cutter West brick wall: Maybe this will be the year!

Result: Failure. That brick wall still stands.

And again, as in every year, to keep having fun with genealogy!

Result: Still having fun!

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