Saturday, December 17, 2016


I've been meaning to put together a timeline of my colonial New England ancestors during
the Indian wars that began with the Pequot War and ended with the French and Indian War.
That's over a century of conflict and as might be expected it took a quite a toll in lives and injuries
on both sides. The timeline was a "someday" project but learning  about the Nathaniel Wilder incident finally was the push to get me started on doing it.

I've  gone through my database and blog posts the past few days and it became apparent
this will take awhile to finish. So working on this is one of my resolutions for next year. I've
already started though. All my colonial ancestors are on my Dad's family through his father
Floyd E. West Sr. and his mother Cora Berthella Barker. Below is a list of  direct ancestors who were killed during the war divided into the West and Barker side of the family. At this point I've found eleven. They are listed chronologically in each group:

West Line

John Nutting                                  13 Mar 1676         Groton, Middlesex, Ma.               10x ggf
Thomas Kimball                             13 May 1676         Bradford, Essex, Ma                    9x ggf
John York                                       17 May 1690         Casco Bay, Cumberland, Me.       8x ggf
Gershom Flagg                               6  Jul 1690             Lee, Strafford, N.H.                     9x ggf
Peter Weare                                   25 Jan 1691            York, York, Maine                        11x ggf
James Blood                                   13 Sep 1692          Groton, Middlesex, Ma                 9x ggf
John Ames Sr.                                 9 Jul 1724             Groton, Middlesex, Ma                 8xggf

Barker Line
Jonas Fairbanks                             10 Feb 1676         Lancaster, Worcester, Ma              8x ggf
John Hoyt Jr                                   28 Feb 1687         Amesbury, Middlesex, Ma.          9x ggf
William Frost                                  ? May 1690         Wells, York,Me.                            8x ggf
Nathaniel Wilder                           31 Jul 1704           Lancaster, Worcester, Ma              8x ggf

Three died in King Philip's War
Five died in King William's War
One died in Queen Anne's War
One died in Dummer's War
One, John Hoyt Jr., died in a random attack.

There may be more names added to this list. There is also a large number of siblings and other relatives who died. I have direct ancestors and others who were taken captive as well and later

As I said, this will take awhile. 

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