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Continuing with the April 1725 campaign journal of my ancestor Captain John White of Lancaster,
Ma. from lma Larkin White's book Genealogy of the descendants of John White of Wenham and Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1638-[1909].

10 day was foul wether and we sent 2 men in to dunstabel with the
sik and Lam men and (they) returned that night to us again

11 day we traueled about 13 milds and then campt about 3 mild
aboue amoskeeg falls.

12 day we traueled 11 milds and then campt at the mouth of pene-
koock riuer.

13 day we traueled 7 milds and then campt at the iarish fort in
penekook Enteruals that day it rayend uery hard all day.

14 day we trauel d 10 milds and then Crost meremack riuer aboue
the mouth of Contookock riuer and then Campt.

15 day we trauel d 8 milds north west from Contockock to a litel
stream that runs into meremack Riuer about 3 milds westard from
meremack and then campt and sent out skouts

16 day we traueld 12 milds and Cam to a pond which was uery
Long and we turned to the east sid of it and then campt, and then
sent out skouts that day we lay about 3 milds westard of the mouth of

17 day it raynd uere hard the fore part of the day and a litel before
night it cleared up & we sent skouts but found northen

18 clay we traueled 14 milds and that day we Crost 2 great streames
that runs in to meremack, one of them comes out of a great pond
which sum indens says it is 3 days jurney round it the Land is uerey
full of great hils and mountains and uerey rockey abundance of spms
and hemlock and fur and sum bech and maple and we campt

19 day we traueld 11 milds and then campt at the Louar End of
pemichewashet Lour Enteruals and sent out skouts.

20 day we lay stil by reson of foull wether and towards nit it Cleard
up and we sent out skouts and found whear Cornol Tyng crost mere-

21 day we traueld 12 milds up pemichewashet Riuer and found old
sines of indens and we sent out skouts that night and found one new
track and we lay that night by the riuer and mad new camps. The
Land that lys by this riuer is uere rich and good the upland uere full
of hils and mountains, uery bad traueling

22 day we traueld 2 milds and then sent out skouts ouer the riuer
and up a stream that runs into the riuer but found northen

23 day we traueld up the riuer about 14 milds and that day we
Crost 3 streames that runs into the riuer this riuer corns sheafly from
the north west & then we campt

24 day we traueld 10 milds westward and that day we found old
signs of indens whear they had bin this spring and in the winter, and
sent out skouts but cold find now indens This day Samil Moosman
actidently kild himself with his own gun

25 day it rained uery hard and we lay stil that day til amost night
it cleard up and we sent out skouts but found northen

26 day we traueld 18 milds and came upon Conetecut riuer and one
of our men was taken uere sik that night we campt by the riuer

27 day we traueld down the riuer and found a bark cannow which
was of great saruis to our sik man & to us ; that day we traueld about
18 milds and then campt.

28 day we traueld 19 milds and then campt This Riuer runs cheafiy
upon a south westerly pint this day we crost seural litel streams that
runs into Conetecut riuer.

29 day we traueld 20 milds and then campt.

30 day we traueld 17 milds and crost one litel riuer below the great
falls and then campt

May the first we traueld 24 milds and came to the fort above north
field and thare lay all night

2 day we traueld 10 milds and came to northfield and there stayed
that night

3 day we lay still it Lookt uery lykly ferr foul wether and we lay
thare that night

4 day we set out for Lancaster a cros the woods and traueld about
12 milds and then campt.

5 day we traueld 15 milds and then campt

6 day we traueld 14 milds and comm to Lancaster about 4 a clock
this day it raind uery hard all day.

(Endorsed) Capt Whites Journal May 1725 "

(Massachusetts Archives XXXVIII, A, 97-98.)

 Genealogy of the descendants of John White of Wenham and Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1638-[1909]
Chase Brothers Publishers, Haverhill, Ma 1900

So my 7x great grandfather John White had traveled over 300 miles on foot in a little under a
month, some of it in "foul weather" and most of it cross-country. And this was shortly after he
had returned home from the Lovewrll expedition.

He would go out on at least one more campaign. 

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