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My 8x great grandfather Josiah Whitcomb was one of my ancestors who lived in a
time of war with the Indians and Indians, and in this, written by Charlotte Whitcomb
in her history of the family:

JOSIAH WHITCOMB,- (John,1) was born in Dorchester, Mass., in 1638, according to
Dorchester town records, and is believed to have been the youngest son of John.'
He accompanied his father's family from Scituate to Lancaster, Mass.. in 1654,
and his name appears variously in the early records of life in the new town. In
1688 he was granted a bounty for killing a wolf,* and again he was named with
his brother Job in an action for damages for accidentally or otherwise injuring
or killing swine. (See page 32, this Book. )

Josiah was married January 4, 1664, in Lancaster, to Rebecca, daughter of
Lawrence and Ann Linton Waters, of Watertown, Lancaster and Charlestown,
Mass. She was born in February, 1640.

During Queen Ann's war (1702-17) he was allowed a garrison for protection
against the. Indians. This garrison was situated in what is now called Bolton,
originally a part of Lancaster, but set oft in 1736, and he lived in the southeastern
part of this Bolton. He was commander of the garrison and with him were
associated his sons, Josiah, David and Hezekiah, his son-in-law, Jacob Houghton,
also Henry Houghton and John Wilder. Jr.

In 1705 he was selectman: in 1705 he and twenty-nine others signed the church
covenant and. as he was financially in good circumstances, he contributed liberally
towards the support of the church; in 1 710 he was elected to represent Lancaster
in the General Court.

In his will, drawn March 20. 1718. he gave to each of his children one-eighth part of
his right to land in the plantation of Littleton. His widow, who survived him eight years,
died in 1726,

Though Jonathan's recorded posterity is, numerically, the largest of the sons of John1,
there is reason to believe Tosiah"s posterity is at least as numerous. The tabulated
records of Josiah's descendants nearly equal those of Jonathan. while those records
which are known to exist, but which are not yet obtained, outnumber the corresponding
class in any other line.


3. JOSIAH,  born November 12, 1665; died same day.

+4. J0SIAH, born January 7, 1666 or 1667.

+5. DAVID, born February 20. 1668.

6. REBECCA, born November 12. 1671; married Jacob Houghton, 1704.

7. JOHANNAH, born March 8, 1674; was married December 26, 1708, to Peter Joslin,
and died September 24, 1717.

+8. HEZEKIAH, born September 14, 1681.

9. DEBORAH,  born December 26, 1683; probably died early, as she was
not named in will.

10. DAMARIS,  married in Marlboro, Mass., to Nathaniel  Wilder.

11. MARY twin   both named in father's will.

12. ABIGAIL,  born March 13, 1687 or 1688; married to Josiah White, June 26, 1706.

13. EUNICE, born — — .


The Whitcomb family in America : a biographical genealogy with a chapter on our English forbears
"by the name of Whetcombe"  Minneapolis, Minnestota, October, 1904

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