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In the previous post I included an excerpt from Alma Larkin White's book Genealogy of the descendants of John White of Wenham and Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1638-[1909]. Part of it was the text of orders to my 7x great grandfather John White and two other militia commanders pertaining to an expedition to be conducted against
the local Indians. 

When he returned home, John submitted this report to Lt. Governor William Dummer:

"Lancaster, May 9th , 1725.

May it please your Honour.
Being returned home I thought myself oblidged to Inform your
Honour that on the 5 lh of April last, I went from Lancaster to
Dunstable and the 8 th Day of April from thence up Merrimack with
30 men, two of which came back in A short time, one of them being
taken sick, and ye other having scalt himself very badly. I marcht up
Merrimack about 130 mile, and there discovered some signs of Indians,
some old, which we Judged were made sometime this winter and one
new track on the Bank of the River, wch we Judged had gone but a
few days before I sent out scouts but could discover nothing further.
We then turned off to ye Westward towards Coos, marched 10 miles
the 24 th of April. Att evening one of our men viz Samll Mossman of
Sudbury being about Encamping, took hold of his Gun that stood
among some Bushes drew it towards him with the muzzle towards him
some twigg caught hold of the cock, the Gun went off, and shott him
throgh, he died Imediately. We went across to Connecticutt River
came down that to Northfield and from thence across the woods to
Lancaster, we gott in yesterday. I have endeavoured faithfully to at-
tend your Honours orders already recieved, and if your Honour has
any further service for me I desire your Honour would let me know it.
I have not as yet compleated my Journal, but hope to finish it in a
short time that it may be Laid before your Honour. I am your
Honours most obedient humble Servant

On his Majesties Service John White.

For the Honourable William Dummer Esq.
Lieut Governour &c. In Boston. These"

(Massachusetts Archives, LXXII, 230.)

 Genealogy of the descendants of John White of Wenham and Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1638-[1909]
Chase Brothers Publishers, Haverhill, Ma 1900

That's quite a lot of ground to cover by foot for a 41 year old man. There were very few roads and since
they were scouting for Indians most of the journey would have been cross country. Never the less John
and his men were back in Lancaster by early May, and he said he was willing to go back out again if the
Lt. Governor thought it was necessary.

As the next post will show, John White was sent out again very soon.

To be continued...

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