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The latest Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge from Randy Seaver is entitled Male Ancestors Age at Death. Here's the challenge:

1) Review your Pedigree Chart (either on paper or in your genealogy management software program) and determine the age at death of your Male ancestors back at least five generations (and more if you want to).
2)  Tell us the lifespan years for each of these ancestors.  Which of your male ancestors in this group lived the longest?  Which lived the shortest? 
3)  Share your results in your own blog post, in a comment to this post, or on Facebook or Google+.

Once again I have more information on my Dad's side of the family than from my Mom's side.
Her grandparents were all immigrants from Ireland and Germany and so far I've found very little
information about them before they came to America.

On my Barker side of the family two of my were brothers, both sons of Nathaniel Barker.

The two ancestors who died at the youngest ages died of  disease. On Mom's side, Charles Offinger died at 33 from consumption, and on Dad's side Frank Barker died from "pneumonia
after La Grippe"

The longest lived was my 2x great grandfather and Civil War veteran Asa F. Ellingwood who lived to be 93 years old.

Floyd E West Jr. (1924-1984) 60 years

Floyd E West Sr (1893-1970) 73 years
Edward F White Sr. (1899-1981) 82 years

Great Grandfathers
Philip J West (1868-1954) 86 years
Frank W Barker (1865-1905) 40 years
Edward J White (1873-1939) 66 years
John McFarland (1852-1924) 72 years

2x Great Grandfathers
Jonathan Phelps West (1834-1917) 83 years
Asa F Ellingwood (1828-1921)  93 years
Nathaniel S Barker (1830-1884) 54 years
Amos H Barker (1828-1907) 78 years
Patrick J White (1848-1902) 54 years
Charles J Offinger (1848-1881) 33 years
Michael McFarland (Dates Unknown)
Patrick Kelley (1829-1886)

3x great grandfathers
John Cutter West (1802-1862) 60 years
Philip Richardson (Death Date Unknown)
John Ellingwood (1798-1821) 33 years
James Thomas Dunham (1805-1888) 83 years
Nathaniel Barker (1794-1884) 90 years
Wesley Coburn (1802-1877) 75 years
Nathaniel Barker (1794-1884) 90 years
Cyrus Moore (Death Date Unknown)
Edward White (Dates Unknown)
Thomas Powers (Dates Unknown)
Jacob Offinger (Dates Unknown)
Christian Luick (Dates Unknown)
Unknown McFarland
Rodger Kelley (1795-1860) 65 years
James Byrne (Dates Unknown)

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