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As I said earlier, the division of John Moore's real estate took place ten years after his death. It's a long document so I decided to share it in two parts here, starting with the two sons, John Moore 3rd
and Jonathan Moore. Technically this is an abstraction because I couldn't read a small part added at the very bottom by one of the court officials. Words I couldn't decipher are represented by (...?) and words that I'm not sure the spelling is correct by (?).   


Pursuant to ye Within Written Commission, we the Subscribers Namely John Houghton Jonas Houghton John Keyes Ephraim Wilder & David Whitcomb, all free Holders of ye Towne of Lancaster are by ye Honrable Frances Foxcroft estate Judge of Probate: (...?): for ye County of Middlesex: appointed a Committee for Dividing of ye Real estate that formally belonged to ensigne John Moore; late of said Lancaster Deceased Intestate: & who are accordingly Sworn to Make Division of said estate: to & amongthe Children of the said Deceased John Moore: Wee have according to our best Judgement Indeavoured Impartialy to Divide Said Real Estate; in equal Proportion according to ye Directions of ye Lord; & the within written Commission, in Order thereto, as followeth

Imp Wee have Sett out unto John Moore the eldest Son for his two shares, or Double portion of Said Estate, all ye Dwelling Housing where ye Said ensign John Moore Last  Dwelt, together with ye Barn & about twenty acres of upland, part of it in tillage; with all the orcharding upon it, and about twenty Acres of Medow, & other Mowing Land Adjoining: all that is within that inclosure, and also all  that piece of the Second Division upland laid out to ye Said ensigne John Moores Estate; that lyeth upon ye Little Brook that is between the House plat(?) & Nataquodock(?) Hill: & that piece that Lyeth along by the West side of the House plat: & also about twenty three acres More of Said Second Division upland; that Lyes Adjoining on ye South side of the House plat & Lyeth ye whole width of that Division east & west & is about fourty Rods upon the east line; & about fifty four Rods on ye west Line & is bounded Southerly upon the Remaining part of that Division: Set out for Jonathan Moores part thereof: a Poplar tree Marked on the  Dividing Line between them; Neer to ye east side of ye Land, and a Little black oak Stand Marked Neer the west Line; also to ye said John Moore we have Sett out two third parts of one Hundred & thirty acres of third Division upland already Laid out to the Rights of Ensigne John Moore & John Smith: viz. all that part of land that Lyeth on ye west line of the Second Division, except a Little piece Set off to Jonathan Moore at the south end of eighteen Rods North & South, & about eighty Rods east & west: two Little Black oaks marked at or Neer the east & west sides in ye Division Line between them: saving out of the said Land away of two Rods wide to ly free to the said John Moore, Jonathan Moore & their Heirs & Assignes; through said Land & through some Land called the Convenience as it is now Marked out; by us the said Committee, till it comes to the Common Land at ye southerly end of their third Division upland; halfe one way of two Rods wide to be Laid out from the foresaid way to the Second Division upland Set out Jonathan Moore to be for his use & benifitt & for his Heires & Assignes in the Most Convenient place for Jonathan Moore & Least Damage or prejudice to John Moore: also to ye said John Moore, we appoint & sett out two third parts of ye Towne Right and Right in Commanage, & in the Remaining part of the third Division upland Not yet Laid out, that belongs to the Rights of ye said John Moore & John Smith, all which parcells of Lands Medows & Towne Right Housing & orcharding as above said; is hereby Sett out to ye Said John Moore, in full of his two single shares, or Double portion of the above mentioned Real Estate.

Nextly to Jonathan Moore we Sett out to him his Single Share of said Real Estate (that is to say) the thirty acres of land he Dwelleth upon with the House & orcharding & the Medow apprized with it, being about seven acres together with all theire Medow at ye Bare Hill & all theire third Division Medows; & a piece of Medow at Hogg Swamps about two acres & halfe Purchased of John Helver: & also one third part of the third Division upland already laid out (that is to say) the eighteen Rods wide set out of said land, at the southward end of John Moores land, as above said & rest of it Lyeth adjoining on ye South side of a piece of Second Division upland of twenty nine acres laid out to the Right of John Smith: which twenty Nine acres of Land is also set out to said Jonathan Moore and also a piece of Second Division upland Laid out to the Right of said ensigne John Moore, which Lyeth between ye said twenty Nine acres & some Land set out to John Moore, & divided from it by ye Poplar & Little black oak marked between them as abovesaid: the said Jonathan Moore poses (?) Last Mentioned is about eighty Rods on ye east Line & about one hundred & fourty Rods on ye west Line ye Dividing line between them Ranging by the said Poplar & black oak on a Straight Line from side to side the whole width of that Division: also to Jonathan Moore, one third part of the towne Right, & Right in Commonage; & one third part of ye third Division upland, not yet laid out which belongeth to the Right of ensign John Moore & John Smith all which parcels of Lands Medows & Towne Right & Right in Commonage as abovesaid, is set out to ye Said Jonathan Moore, to be his full single share in the Real estate of the said ensigne John Moore.

I'll post the part concerning the three daughters next.

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