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Here's the second half of the document dividing John Moore Jr.'s estate. In this part the committee
dealt with the inheritances for his three daughters:

To Elizabeth Moore Alias Gibbs or her Assignes we set out one third part ye farme Purchased of Mr Richard West, viz that Hudred acres of upland that Lyeth in ye North side of the farme which 100 acres was Laid out  to ye Right of Jeremiah Rogers: excepting a saving out the same; ten acres thereof out of ye easterly end to be allowed & setoff out of sd land to those who shall & may enjoy the other two parts of said farme; towards Making up a Compensation for fourty acres of land assigned in the sale of said farme by Richard West to said ensigne John Moore: & no Mention Made where it Lyeth the said ten acres to be sett off when the owner of the said fourty acres of Land shall Lay  Claime & Make out a good title thereto: also to the said Elizabeth Moore Alias Gibbs, we set out the upper end of a Medow called Spring Medow, belonging to said farme: viz: ye North end thereof, till it Comes Downe to the Lower end of ye broad part of the Medow: to a point of upland that comes up into the Medow: also, one third part of the Towne Right Purchased with said farme, & the third part of the third Division upland:  & Medows & Right in Commonage thereto belonging: also sixteen acres by ye first Division Intervale Lott of ensigne John Moore: Lying in the North Intervale, & is that end of the Lott Next the upland: & also one third part of a parcel of Land allowed to said ensigne John Moore called the Convenience, Lying in the North end of it, the whole width thereof, & about fourty Rods Long: between some Second Division Land Set out to John Moore; & another part of said Convenience Set out to Lydia Moore: all which parcels of Lands Medows & Towne Right & Commonage as above we have Set out for the said Elizabeth Moores full share or portion.

To Lydia Moore, Alias Winch, we have set out about an Hundred & five acres of said farme purchased of Mr Richard West, & is ye Middle part of said farme: with about halfe of ye pond, or Something More Lying within it: which Share Lyeth about seventy six Rods wide at the easterly end upon Long hill ye Little black oak Marked in the Division at between it & the Southward part of Said farme:  & is about sixty six Rods wide on ye west Side of ye Pond, & Comes to a Stake & a heape of stones at the Southwest Corner, Near to a Little Medow Spot & is about twenty eight Rods short of ye west Line of ye farme at that Corner & twenty Rods Short of ye west Line by ye highway: & takes in ye greatest part of ye Medow Spot by ye pond:: Saving out of said share so much thereof as May be equal with ye Southward Share of said farme set out to Anne Moore, towards the Compensation for or allowance to the Said fourty acres of Land Reserved out of said farme in ye Sale thereof to ensigne John Moor: also to ye said Lydia Moore, we Sett out to her, the Remaining part of ye Spring Medow, & another  piece Called ye Little Medow & one piece Called pig Medow all belonging to said farme: also four acres of the first Division Intervale Lott of ensigne John Moore & is that end of it Next the River: & also all the Second Division Intervale of John Smith that Lyes at (...?), & also the Convenience belonging thereto, that Lyes on ye east side of the great Medow, without ye old fence & also one third partof ye Convenience belonging to John Moore; Viz ye Middle part thereof Lying fourty Rods long & the whole width  also one quarter of an acre of the upland House Lott of ensigne John Moore Reformed in ye sale of said Lott to Daniel Hudson: also one third part of the towne Rights in Third Division & Right in Commonage belonging thereto, that was purchased of Mr Richard West: all which parcels of Land Medow & Towne Right as abovesaid set out for Lydia Moore Alias Winch, or her Assignes: to be her full share of ye Real estate of said ensigne John Moore.

To Anne Moore the youngest Daughter we set out for her part, the Remaining part of said farme Purchased of Richard West being the South Side of it: & also ye west end of that part of it on ye South Side of the Highway: as it is Marked out, & Described to be set off from ye other Middle part thereof  as above said, to be twenty Rods wide upon the Highway: & so Ranging on a Straight Line through ye orchard, to a heape of Stones by us Laid & so to another heape of Stones & a Stake twenty eight Rods from the west Line of the farme: and then the Division Line Runs in the edge of ye Little Spot of Medow Ground & so cross ye Pond to ye foresaid Little black oak on the Long hill Marked between the two Shares: Saving out of the said Anne Moores Share: So much as May be equal with the Middle part towards the allowance for the said fourty acres of said farme Reserved in ye Sale thereof to ensigne John Moore as abovesaid also to ye said Anne Moore, that Medow Called pig Medow, & that piece that Lyes among the Medow at Nataquodock(?)  which is belonging to said farme; also all the Second Division Intervale that Lyes up the North River, which was the proper Lott of ensigne John Moore; & one third part of ye Convenience, on the west side of ye House plat, Viz ye south end of it: & Lyes fourty Rods Long: & ye whole width thereof: also thirteen acres & half of the First Division Intervale of John Smith Lying in ye North Intervale & also one third part of ye Towne Rights, third Division, & Rights of Commonage purchased with said farme: also said parcels of Lands & Rights as abovsaid is hereby set out for the said Anne Moore Alias Hildreth as her full share of the said Real estat: all which we Present to uour Hon Humbly Requesting your approbation & Settlement of ye same.

John Houghton
John Keyes
Jonas Houghton
Ephraim Wilder
David Whetcomb

(...?) July 6th 1714


I'll have some more to say about the probate file in in the next post,


Grant Davis said...

Wow they waited ten years to take care of the estate.

Bill West said...

And that's not the longest delay I've found on my tree. One went several decades in another of my ancestors case because his son went off to Canada in the Louisburg campaign and forgot to file the probate documents for several decades for several decades. I think he did it "accidentally on purpose."