Friday, December 11, 2015


This week's Findmypast Friday record collections releases for 11 December offer a variety of selections:
Build new branches of your family tree with parish baptisms and burials from Leicestershire or discover whether you had relatives affected by plague in the early 1600s with a plague rate index from Plymouth. We have also added over 198,000 transcripts from 19th century Portsmouth to our collection of UK electoral registers that are perfect for uncovering the history of your family home.

This week we've added over 200,000 new records including:

Electoral Registers from Portsmouth, England, 1835-1873
We've bolstered our large collection of UK electoral registers with over 198,000 transcripts from Portsmouth. Search the registers to study the history of your Hampshire family's home.
Were your Portsmouth ancestors eligible to vote? »

Baptisms from Leicestershire, England
Search over 2,000 transcripts of parish baptism records from Leicestershire to uncover when and where your ancestors were baptised as well as the names of their parents.
Add Leicestershire relatives to your family tree »

Burials from Leicestershire, England
Delve through over 3,000 transcripts of burials covering seven Leicestershire parishes. Locate you family member's final resting place and uncover the names of loved ones they left behind.
Find out where they're buried »

Plague Rates from Plymouth, England, 1626-1629
Explore a 15th century index of Plymouth residents who were taxed to fund the relief of an outbreak of bubonic plague that hit the city in 1627. Discover if they refused to pay, fled the area or succumbed to the dreaded disease.
Was your family affected? »

No British ancestors? Not to worry! More home-grown records coming soon. In the meantime, the anniversary of Pearl Harbor reminds us how important it is to honor your military ancestors. Search our World War 2 enlistment records to find your family's veteran today.

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