Thursday, December 31, 2015


Time for a look back at my some of my genealogy activity  in 2015 and a comparison with 2014.

My research numbers as shown by RootsMagic 6:

2014-30,882 people, 104,934 citations, 574 sources
2015-30,823 people, 110,992 citations, 577 sources.

The number of people in my database actually decreased by 61. It's a result of ridding my
database of duplicates while adding new family members.

Find a Grave
My total contributions went up modestly:
2014- 548 memorials,  812 Photos, 109 volunteer photos taken.
2015- 615 memorials,  962 Photos, 162 volunteer photos taken

This is post 220 for this blog this year, the first time I've broken 200 posts since 2011. In 2012 I went down to 170, but have gone up every year since then.
2015 (220)
2014 (199)
2013 (179)
2012 (170)
2011 (248)
I doubled my posts on the Old Colony Graveyard Rabbit from 3 to um...6. Sigh. I have to work on that.

Not a bad year, but I'll do better in 2016, I hope!

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Celia Lewis said...

Excellent results, Bill. You've accomplished a great deal, to my eyes.
All the best in 2016, in life as well as in genealogy. :)