Saturday, June 06, 2015


These are my male ancestors on my mother's side as far back as I've been able to
trace them so far. While Dad's ancestors in the 19th century lived in rural Maine, Mom's
came over from Germany and Ireland and settled in Massachusetts, living in Cambridge
and Boston.  My 2x great grandfathers were artisans, although Patrick G White didn't
work at being a gilder very long, turning to other occupations. My Irish McFarland
and White great grandfathers worked at more physical jobs. Finally, my grandfather
Edward F White Sr. worked at a variety of places but there is a big gap in my knowledge
of what he was doing in the time after his divorce from my grandmother while he
was avoiding the court orders to pay child support for my Mom and her brother.

Here's what I've found out so far about this side of the family:

2x great grandfathers
Patrick G White (1848-1902)
1870 Marriage Record Gilder
!880  Census  Retail Grocer
1902 death Record Clerk

Charles Offinger (1848-1881)
1870 Census Cabinetmaker
1870 Marriage Record Cabinetmaker
1880 Census Cabinetmaker
1881 Death Record  Cabinetmaker

Great grandfathers
John McFarland (1852-1924)
1900 Census Laborer
1910 Census Laborer Street Dept.
1920 Census Gardener City
1924 Death Record Retired

Edward J White (1873-1939)
1895 Marriage Record Teamster
1900 Census Teamster
1910 Census  Teamster Wholesale Flour
1920 Census Stage Builder Government
1930 Census Teamster City of Boston

Edward F White Sr (1899-1981)
1920 Census Steamfitter Railroad
1924 Marriage Record Steamfitter
1981 Death Certificate Retired Security Guard
1981 Obituary School Crossing Guard and Cab Driver  

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