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For Week 23 of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge, I turn to the family of another
of the women who married into the Upton line, Eve Hawkes. Eve's immigrant ancestor was
Adam Hawks, also spelled Hawkes. Adam is given short but glorious mention in a "puff piece"
of the sort common in 19th and early 20th century genealogies and local histories: 

HAWKS: In the memorable fleet which sailed from Southampton, England, with seventeen hundred Puritan emigrants under Winthrop, and landed at Salem, Massachusetts, in June, 1630, was Adam Hawks, or Hawkes, who became the progenitor of a numerous branch of the family in America. One of his descendants has recently written of him: “Adam Hawkes, founder of the numerous and respectable family that bears the name throughout the country, was one of the advance guard of hard-headed Englishmen who for liberty of conscience, not loving England less but freedom more, took wife and children and household goods, braved the perils of trackless seas, dared the wiles of savage races in an unknown world, and sowed the seed that has grown the highest civilization the earth has ever known.” He was of Charlestown in 1634, but received large grants of land in that part of Lynn now Saugus. He was a farmer, and settled on land where iron ore was found. Soon after his settlement his house was burned, the occupants, a servant and twin infants, escaping. His second house sheltered some of his kindred for two centuries, being taken down in 1872, two hundred years after his death, and on one of the chimney bricks was found the date 1601, probably written in the soft clay when the brick was moulded in England. Adam Hawks married first. Ann Hutchinson, who died December 4, 1669; children: Adam; John, born about 1633: Moses; Benjamin; Thomas and Susanna. He married second, June, 1670, Sarah Hooper; child: Sarah, born June 1, 1671-p357
Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts, Volume 1,  ed. by William Richard Cutter, Lewis historical Publishing Company, Boston, Ma. 1908

There are a few errors in this information. In the entry for Adam Hawkes in The Great Migration (pp253-257), it's pointed out that he and his family probably did not arrive with the Great Fleet since there is no record of them in Charlestown before 1634,and that Sarah Hutchinson was a widow when Adam married her. That is shown in Adam's Probate file which mentions five step-children, Francis, Thomas, Samuel, Edward, and Elizabeth, all with the Hutchinson surname. There is no evidence of children named Adam or Moses from this marriage, just a son John and daughter Susannah.

I've found the Probate File images and also an abstract. I'll discuss those next.
To be continued:

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