Monday, June 29, 2015

52 ANCESTORS IN 52 WEEKS 2015 WEEK 25: ADAM HAWKES 1664-1691

Like many colonial New England families, the Hawkes used several given names over and over
through the generations. In my line of the family Adam and John were favorites. So I have two
Adams and two Johns alternating : Adam, John, Adam, John. My subject for this post is 8x great grandfather Adam Hawkes (the second Adam).

I've very little information on this Adam. I've a date of his birth on 12May 1664, and of his death
on 18Nov 1691, both events taking place in Lynn, Ma. Sometime around 1689 he married a woman whose first name was Elizabeth. From what I've read there is a dispute about whether her last name
was Pratt, and I have not been able so far to find a record of the marriage. Adam and Elizabeth's only child, my 7x great grandfather John Hawkes was born in Lynn on 10Apr 1690.

Adam died three years before his father John Hawkes, which meant that his part of John's
estate would be given to his young son, and provisions must be made for that and his guardian. I'll discuss that in the post about the younger John Hawkes for Week 26 of the Challenge. 

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