Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Spring is here in New England, finally! The snow is melted here in Southeastern
Massachusetts and it's time to go out and do some graveyard hopping. Today I
did my first Find A Grave photo requests hunt of the year, and I took my Kindle
Fire along.

I'd filled some requests yesterday for one person using photographs I already had
on my hard drive from the Mt Vernon cemetery here in Abington. But I noticed
the person also had requests for more members of the same family over at
Colebrook Cemetery in Whitman, the next town over from here.  I decided to
drive over this afternoon and see what I could find.

There were 17 photo requests for Colebrook, and in the past I'd have written
out or printed off the list. Today I took a screen shot of the request page on my
Kindle Fire.

I'm familiar with Colebrook Cemetery and headed for the section where most
of people who died in the late 19th and early 20th century are buried. The
family name I was looking for was Cook,  and once I got to the cemetery I
turned on my Kindle, went to the screen shot and zoomed in on the 9 Cook
family names. Since the screen shot was on the Camera Roll, I didn't need
an internet connection to access it. 

I scouted out the headstones near the cemetery roads first and lucked out There
was a gravestone with all 9 people listed on it. I got out ofthe car and took my
pictures. I was done and on my way to pick up some grocerieson the way home
in less than ten minutes.

All in all, it went very well. The one minor problem was seeing the Kindle screen
in daylight, which is why I looked at it inside the car where I could see it more
easily. From now on, I'll be doing my gravestone hunting using this method

DISCLAIMER: I neither work for nor receive any compensation from Amazon or
 Find A Grave.


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I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today's Fab Finds post at

Have a great weekend!

Bill West said...

Thanks, Jana!