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Continuing on with Amy Johnson Crow's 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks,  I'm still exploring
the Barker and related families who are my Dad's maternal ancestors. This post will be the
first on the Herrick family. Edith Herrick was my 6x great grandmother and the wife of
my 6x great grandfather Francis Upton. Her immigrant ancestor was Henry Herrick.

Henry Herrick's own ancestry has been disputed lately. In this excerpt from Volume 3
of William Richard Cutter's  New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial I've
skipped the part tracing the Herricks from a Danish chief named Eric down to  Sir
William Herrick, who until recently was given as Henry Herrick's  father:

(I) Henry Herrick, immigrant ancestor, fifth son of Sir William (2) Herrick, was born at Beau Manor, Leicester county, England, in 1604. He was named by command of the unfortunate Prince Henry, the eldest son of James I., we are told. He probably went first to Virginia and then came north. He was among the first settlers of Salem, and he and his wife were of the thirty who founded the First Church of Salem in 1629. He was a proprietor of the town in 1635. He was admitted a freeman on May 18, 1631. He removed to Wenham, and then to Beverly, the Cape Ann side of Bass river. He bought large tracts of land in Beverly and gave farms there to his sons: Zachariah, Ephraim, Joseph and John, at Brick Plains and Cherry Hill. He was called a good and honest dissenter from the doctrines of the Church of England; he was a friend of Higgenson, but not so bigoted as some of the Puritans, for he was fined a few shillings in 1667 with others for "aiding and comforting an excommunicated person." He and his wife were among the founders of the church at Beverly. He married Editha, daughter of Hugh Laskin. He died in 1671, and the inventory of his estate taken March 15, 1670-71, was presented by his son Henry. The widow Editha deposed November 28, 1672, concerning some land her father, Hugh Laskin, sold "before he went away 25 years ago." She gave her age then as about sixty years, indicating that she was born about 1612. Children of Henry and Editha Herrick: Thomas: Zacheus. born in Salem, baptized December 25, 1636; Ephraim, mentioned below; Henry, baptized at Salem, January 16, 1640; Joseph, baptized August 6, 1645; Elizabeth, baptized July 4, 1647; John, baptized May 25, 1650; Benjamin, died about 1677. -p1180

New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of Commonwealths and the Founding of a Nation, Volume 3 (Google eBook), Lewis historical publishing Company, 1913. New York, New York

I have double descent from Henry and Editha Herrick through their sons Henry and Joseph, down to both my Dad's parents.

For more about the question of Henry Herrick's parents and a discussion of the theory he
resided in Virginia before coming to Massachusetts, see the entry for him in Volume 2 of
The Great Migration Begins.

To be continued.

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