Saturday, February 28, 2015


So out of curiosity I decided to combine the two lists of children belonging
to the families of William and Samuel Upton. A few things struck me. One
is that for over twenty years there were always infants in the house. The
Upton wives must have had some sort of system in caring for all the young
children, and quite probably had several servants helping them as well.

Secondly, out of those twenty. at least sixteen survived to adulthood. That's

Third, there was no duplication of names in the two families. This probably
saved time as well as the sanity of the parents calling for their children.        
Fifty years, two families, twenty children, all living in the same house.

Mary (Maber) Upton and Abigail (Frost) Upton must have had nerves of
steel and the patience of saints!    

Here's the combined list of the Upton children. Samuel's children are
listed in boldface.
William, born July 17, 1703: married, 1st Lydia Burnap, 2d Hannah Felton.
Samuel, bom June 30, 1704 : baptized Aug. 3, 1707; married Ruth Whipple.
Abigail, born 1705; baptized Aug. 3, 1707.
Mary, born Sept. 2S, 1705; married Thomas Kieh of Wilmington.
James, born Jan. 5, 1707-8: married Susanna Dagget.
Paul, born Feb. 20, 1709-10; married, 1st Susanna __ 2d Phebe Goodell.
Jemima, twin, baptized  Mar. 27, 1709; married Israel Eaton.  
Nathaniel,  twin, baptized   Mar. 27, 1709; married Mary Eaton.
Anna, baptized April 6, 1712; living 1740.
Francis, born May 13, 1712; married, 1st Phebe Swallow, 2d Edith Herrick.
Benjamin, baptized May 10, 1713; married Sarah Swinnerton.
Edward, born April 10. 1714.
Eunice, baptized April 24, 1715; married ___ Twist; living 1768.
Richard, born May 20, 1716; married. 1st____ 2d Elizabeth Putnam, 3d Rachel ___
Amos , baptized Oct. 20, 1717; married Sarah Bickford.
Dorcas, twin, born  Sept. 4, 1718
Timothy, twin, born  Sept. 4, 1718: married, 1st Hannah Stacy. 2d Ruth ____
Lois, married ___Mclntire; living 1768. 
Noah, baptized Sept. 17, 1721.
Caleb, born Feb. 4. 1722: married ,____

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Celia Lewis said...

Oh my word! Thundering herd indeed!! I'm sure the women held the infants, and shooed the others outside to play, with instructions for the older ones to watch the younger ones. Challenging. I had enough looking after my four. :)