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It's Saturday night and time for some Saturday Night Genealogy Fun from Randy Seaver over at
his Genea-Musings blog!

The challenge this week is to find out if any of your ancestors, or their siblings (your cousins!), were born on your birth date?  

1)  What is your birth date (not the year, only month and day)?

2)  Review your records, or use your genealogy management program to create a list of persons in your database born on your birth date.  Are any of them your ancestors, or siblings of your ancestor?  Tell us how you figured it out too.

3)  List one or more of those born on your birth date in your own blog post, in a comment to this blog post, or on Facebook or Google+.

OK, my birthday is August 20th.

I ran a "On This Date" list on my RM6 database,and saved it a Rich Text File. Then I edited ut
the deaths and marriages using Wordpad, and this is what I ended jup with for August 20th birthdays.

Family Events
1648 - Birth: Sarah Howard, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Ma
1660 - Birth: Ralph Bancroft, Reading, Middlesex, Ma
1674 - Birth: Joseph Buswell, Topsfield, Essex, Ma
1682 - Birth: John Spaulding, Chelmsford, Middlesex, Ma
1687 - Birth: Deborah Butterfield, Chelmsford, Middlesex, Ma
1705 - Birth: Samuel Alden,
1771 - Birth: Giles Warren Ellingwood, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
1796 - Birth: Austin Ellinwood, Brimfield, Hampden, Ma
1824 - Birth: Sarah Ellingwood, Maine
1829 - Birth: Francis Williams Dunham, Abington, Plymouth, Ma
1834 - Birth: Stephen E. Williamson, Canada
1839 - Birth: Cornelia Ames, Maine
1851 - Birth: Martha L Abbott, Upton, Oxford, Me
1852 - Birth: Annie Poyas Dunham, Abington, Plymouth, Ma
1859 - Birth: Diantha West, Andover, Oxford, Me
1863 - Birth: George P. Ellinwood, Ohio
1899 - Birth: Margaret Marshall, Brockton, Plymouth, Ma
1902 - Birth: Theora B Boyce, New York
1904 - Birth: Grace E Luffman, New York
1947 - Birth: Thomas Ellingwood, Rumford, Oxford, Me

All the relatives that share my birthday are on my Dad's side of the family.

My earliest ancestor sharing my birthday is my 7x great grandmother Sarah
Howard, born on 20Aug 1648 in Bridgewater, Ma.

My closest ancestor born on August 20 is 6x great grandfather John Spaulding. He
was born at Chelmsford, Ma on 20Aug 1682

My closest West relative born on the same day is my first cousin 3x removed
Diantha West, born on 20Aug 1859 at Andover, Me. Sadly, she died a few months
later on 12Oct 1859.

The cousin born most recently on August 20th is my third cousin Thomas Ellingwood.

And one relative, second cousin 3x removed Anna POyas Dunham, was born right here in
Abington, Ma. on 20Aug 1852! 

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