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I've been a bit behind on the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge but this should
bring me up to date with a post about my 7th great grandfather Samuel Upton.

Again, much of what I know about the Uptons comes from John Adams Vinton's
The Upton Memorial. Most of the section devoted to Samuel is taken up with the
material I quoted in the previous blogpost about how close Samuel was with his
brother William, but there is some information:

Samuel Upton, brother of the preceding, and son of John and Eleanor Upton of Danvers and North Reading; born in Danvers, October, 1664; married Abigail Frost of Danvers. Jan. 14, 1702-3. She was baptized Aug 3, 1707, at Danvers, probably on "owning the covenant." as it was termed; for her name is not found among the members of the church in that place.-p34

 And Samuel carried on the family tradition of the entail started by his father and brother:

A few weeks after his brother William's death, Samuel Upton made a transfer of the property inherited from his father similar to the one made by William. In a deed dated March 26, 1740, he conveyed to his son Benjamin " all my lands, both upland and meadow, lying and being in Salem [i.e., Danvers], containing by estimation sixty acres, bounded south on land formerly in the possession of Capt. Samuel Gordon, deceased, west by land formerly in the possession of my brother William Upton, deceased, north and east by land formerly of Joseph Pope," &c. The consideration was nine hundred pounds in province bills. His daughter Anna was a witness.

This conveyance, in some measure, superseded the necessity of a will. The design was, to carry out his father's purpose of an entail. The property herein conveyed was kept together in the line of the grantor's descendants till 1849 certainly, if not to the present day.-pp37-38

I found a copy of the transaction at FamilySearch. For some reason Benjamin didn't file it
until 1746. Perhaps that was the year his mother Abigail (Frost) Upton died. 

 "Massachusetts, Land Records, 1620-1986," images, FamilySearch (,361948401 : accessed 27 February 2015), Essex > Deeds 1748-1750 vol 93-94 > image 111 of 592; county courthouses and offices, Massachusetts.

 And finally, the names of the children of Samuel and Abigail (Frost) Upton:

There is no will of Samuel Upton on record, nor any account of the administration of his estate, nor any means of knowing the time of his death, except as above mentioned. Nor is there any record of the births of his children, and we obtain their names from the church records, where their baptisms are registered. They were as follows:

Samuel, bom June 30, 1704 : baptized Aug. 3, 1707; married Ruth Whipple.

Abigail, born 1705; baptized Aug. 3, 1707.

Nathaniel,  twin, baptized   Mar. 27, 1709; married Mary Eaton.

Jemima, twin, baptized  Mar. 27, 1709; married Israel Eaton.

Anna, baptized April 6, 1712; living 1740.

Benjamin, baptized May 10, 1713; married Sarah Swinnerton.

Eunice, baptized April 24, 1715; married ___ Twist; living 1768.

Amos , baptized Oct. 20, 1717; married Sarah Bickford.

Lois, married ___Mclntire; living 1768.

Noah, baptized Sept. 17, 1721.

I am descended from their son Amos Upton.

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