Sunday, July 13, 2014


There's about two weeks left until the submissions deadline for the first
Geneablogger's First World War Challenge. You can submit links to older
posts if you've already written about it. But if you haven't, here's some ideas
that might help:

Where your ancestors were in 1914, and what effect the war would have
on their families?

Did any of them see military action? Were any family members killed? Do you have any
photographs of them in uniform?

Did the War force your ancestors to leave their homes? Was it the reason they emigrated to another country? Where did they go?

Write a blogpost on any of the above, or something else about  World War 1 and your family. When it's posted, send me the link. If you have already written a blogpost that you'd like to use, then send me the link to that post.

 The deadline for submissions will be July29th, 2014. I'll publish the list of links here a week later on August 5th.


Amanda said...

Bill, here is my post:

Dorene from Ohio said...

Bill -

Here is a post I did a while back, about my cousin Guy House. He did before I was born, but I appreciate his military service to our country!

Kathryn said...

Bill, here is a post about my great-grandfather's brother, Edward Creeden. He served in the US Army and Marines and then served in WWI in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces.

Toledo's Kuschwantz said...

Here's mine!

Kathleen O'Hara said...

I'd like to contribute this series of posts I wrote earlier this year about my 4 great-grandfathers' WWI service:

Unknown said...

Bill, looks like you're getting a great response to your challenge. So neat to see these stories being preserved. Here's my contribution, about my grandmother's brother, Roy Eberhard, who served in a heavy artillery unit in France:

GeniAus said...

Bill, Here is a post from my archives that should fit in with your theme.

Alona Tester said...

Hello Bill, Jill Ball advised me of your geneablogger challenge, so I've gone through my blog archives and have found this one for you:

Unknown said...

Bill, here's mine that just posted this morning:

I can't wait to see the full compilation!


John said...


Here's one post:

I might have another by the deadline.

Unknown said...

Here is a post I wrote awhile back about my great-uncle Howard Mellor Grant and his service in WW1 -

Unknown said...

My grandfather served in AEF in France at the end of WWI and I do have a picture of him in uniform and remember the uniform jacket in my grandparent's attic. I also had 2 great uncles who served in the US Navy during the war and one was stationed at Scappa Flow when the German Fleet was sunk.

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Bill, I have several blog posts for WW1 soldiers including my own relatives.

Sandercock Family

Uncle Ern Simpson in WW1

Uncle Syd Simpson in the CEF

The Honor Wall for WW1 Soldiers

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Philip Peer

Jack Chapman

David Hearns

Kristin said...

I did a post several years ago using a newspaper article in which my 2X great uncle Victor Tulane called for all eligible African American men in Montgomery to enlist. There are links to other posts with letters about being drafted written by my grandfather's friends, also from Montgomery, AL.

Mary P Nelson said...

Here is the post I wrote about my Great Uncle Adolph Myren.

Cheri Hudson Passey said...

Here's the link to my post. Thanks so much for the opportunity to share our family's WWI stories!

√Čire Historian said...

Dear Bill,

Thanks so much for this Geneabloggers Challenge. My contribution is entitled 'The big guns are coughing...': Commemorating the Losses of World War One. It will appear on my blog on 28 July 2014, and the URL is


Dara said...

Hello Bill, my first cousin three-times removed had a somewhat unusual experience during the Great War:-

I look forward to reading the contributions from other participants in your geneablogger challenge. Thank you.

Cynthia Shenette said...

Here is my post for the World War One Challenge! Thanks for hosting, Bill!