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Fellow geneablogger Amy Johnson Crow of No Story Too Small has issued the
52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge. Basically, we have to post something every
week on a different ancestor, whether a story, picture, or research problem. For
this prompt I've tried to concentrate on ancestors I haven't researched as much
as I have others in my family tree. Since I recently posted about the death of my
ancestor Gershom Flagg, I thought for this week's post I'd cover his father, and my
10x great grandfather Thomas Flagg.

Ellery Bicknell Crane has this to say about Thomas:

Thomas Flagg came to this country with Richard Carver in 1637, embarking at Scratby, Norfolk, and was settled at Watertown as early as 1641. He had a homestall of six acres, also twenty acres originally granted July 25, 1636, to John Rose. Flagg was prominent 111 town affairs. He was selectman from 1671 to 1676, in 1678, 1681 and from 1685 to 1687. He was lieutenant of the military company. His petition dated April 4, 1659, shows that he lost his left eye by a gunshot wound. His wife Mary was born in England about 1619. Flagg died February 6, 1697-98. His will was dated March 5, 1697, and proved February 16, 1697-98. He bequeathed to his wife Mary; sons Michael, Thomas, Eleazer, Allen and Benjamin; daughters Mary and Elizabeth Bigelow and Rebecca Cooke; grandchildren John Flagg and the heirs of deceased son Gershom. The widow's will was proved April 21, 1703. The children of Thomas and Mary Flagg: 1. Gershom, born at Watertown, April 16, 1641, tanner at Woburn in 1668, lieutenant in King William's war and killed by Indians on the shore of Wheelwright's pond, July 6, 1690. Married, 1668, Hannah Leppingwell. 2. John, born June 14, 1643, resided at Watertown; married, 1670, Mary Gale. 3. Bartholomew, born at Watertown, February 23, 1644-45, served in Captain Samuel Moseley's company in King Philip's wer, 1675. 4. Thomas, born April 28, 1646, resided at Watertown and died 1719; married, 1667-68, Rebecca Dix. 5. William, born 164S, killed at Lancaster, August 22, 1675, while on guard duty in King Philip's war. 6. Michael, born March 23, 1650-51, one of the first proprietors of Worcester in 1674 at the first attempted settlement, soldier in King Philip's war; married Mary Bigelow and (second) Mary (Lawrence) Karle. 7. Eleazer, born May 14, 1653, see forward. 8. Elizabeth, born March 22, 1654-55, died August 9, 1729; married, 1676, Joshua Bigelow. 9. Mary, born January 14, 1656-57, died September 7, 1770; married, 1674, Samuel Bigelow. 10. Rebecca, born September 5, 1660, died 1721; married, 1679, Deacon Stephen Cook. II. Benjamin, born June 25, 1662, resided in Worcester, coming at the third settlement; married, 1689, Experience Child. 12. Allen, born May 16, 1665, died November, 1711; married, 1684-85, Sarah Ball.

Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worcester County, Massachusetts: With a History of Worcester Society of Antiquity, Volume 3 (Google eBook) p381

When I was first starting work on my family tree I found some claims that Thomas' wife's
full name was Mary Gershom; hence the reason their oldest son was named Gershom Flagg. But I've found no evidence so far to back up that theory. Also, I've seen the name spelled as Flegg.

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