Saturday, April 26, 2014


Welcome to "The Second Genea-Bloggers' Just Make Up Some Lyrics
Challenge " These were the rules:

1. Set the names of your ancestors to the music of any song. It can be
any number of names, any song. Just remember to mention what song
you are using so we can all "sing along" as we read!

2. Publish your efforts on your blog and send me the link. If you don't have
a blog( and you really should, you know, they're easy and fun to do) then send
me your song in a comment to this blog.

Recently I've started to think of this as a genealogy version of "America's
Got Talent", only I call it "Geneabloggers Have Talent". The bloggers who
took part in the Challenge prove that with their wit and sense of humor. It's
not easy coming up with genealogy lyrics to a song but the participants came
up with  posts that made me laugh and sing along.(although I did the singing
silently in my head, so I wouldn't scare my neighbors.) So, ladies and
gentlemen, grab your popcorn and favorite beverage, sit back, read, and enjoy
the show. Then please leave comments on each blog to let the bloggers know
how much you appreciated their songs!  

First up is Dorene of the Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay cleverly reworks
the classic French folk song "Frere Jacques" to honor members of her Dad's
family. Check it out at her Second Great Genealogy `Just Make Up Some 
Genealogy Lyrics' Challenge! post. 

Remember Tommy James & the Shondells? I do (ah, the music of my youth!) 
and so does Jenny Lanctot over at Are My Roots Showing? She sets her song
lyrics to the music of  "Draggin' the Line" in Just Make Up the Lyrics Challenge: 
Maternal Line  

 I have to be honest: John Newmark's entry is my favorite. Why? Well, imagine
Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins doing the classic song
"Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious" Can you see that number with all the 
singers and dancers? Ok. Now change the name of the song to the genealogy
themed "NewmarkCruvantFeinsteinLichtmanAdlerDeutschAndDenyer". It
makes me smile just typing that. Read his Surname Saturday: Genealogy Filk 
at his TransylvanianDutch blog

The next entry takes us from Hollywood to Broadway. Heather Wilkinson 
Rojo's song lyrics are set to the classic song "Somewhere" from West Side
Story. Again as I read her lyrics I could envision it as a Broadway stage
production.  Go to Heather's Nutfield Genealogy blog, read her The
GeneaBloggers "Just Make Up Some Lyrics Challenge" and see what I 

Back during the first Lyrics Challenge I had two ideas for a genealogy 
themed song, one of which was based on "End of  The Line" by the
Traveling Wilburys but I went with another song based on a song by the
Moody Blues. Then I lost the lyrics for the Wilburys' song, so I had to
redo it from scratch. You can read the result at Just Make Up The Lyrics:
"On My Paternal Line"

That concludes our "Geneabloggers Have Talent" show. As I said earlier
please leave comments on each blog to let them know how much you enjoyed
their post.

And my thanks to all that took part in "The Second Genea-Bloggers' Just Make
Up Some Lyrics Challenge "

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Dorene from Ohio said...

Bill - This was such a fun challenge!
I am enjoying reading all the entries, and singing along.