Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Before I post my goals for 2014, let's review my goals for this year
and how well I've done measuring up to them.

1. Work more on my maternal lines
Plan: Thanks to being contacted by two of my White cousins I now know
more than I did last year. There still are some blanks I need to fill in yet
on the family tree.
Results: I didn't have as much success here as I did in 2012. Of course,
much of this side of the family lived in Ireland and Germany, so it's not
as easy  to work on  as my dad's New England ancestry. Failure.

2. Continue researching my paternal lines
Plan: I should finish working on the Ellingwood collateral lines by Spring.
I'll move on to the Houghtons and Barkers next.
Results: Success. I've finished (for now) with the Ellingwood lines and I've
started in on the Houghtons and Barkers.  My database now stands at 30,000 +

3. Break down that John Cutter West brick wall!
Plan: Hope springs eternal!
Results: Failed. John's parentage still remains a mystery,

4. Join a local genealogy or historical society.
Plan: I need to get this done. Actually attending any meetings will
have to wait until I get a car, though.
Results: Nope, still haven't done that. Failure.

5. Continue with Find A Grave activities
Plan: Cemetery visits are curtailed until I get a car. However I still have
quite a backlog of photos from last Spring and Summer that need to be uploaded.
Results: One of the successes of the year. I have a car now, Ping II, aka Pingzinga
and I'm back out taking pictures. Also, I've now added a total of 301 memorials
to Find A Grave, mostly for Mt Vernon Cemetery here in Abington. So I rate
this as a success.

6. Trim My Tree
Plan: I need to be more agressive about this. I have too many multiple entries
for people.
Results: Moderately successful. I've trimmed a lot but there's still a lot more
left to work on.

7. Do some more indexing for FamilySearch
Plan: I enjoyed indexing the 1940 Census. I'd like to work on another project. I just
need to find the time.
Results: I did some, but not as much as I did for the 1940 Census. BUT...since my
Find A Grave memorials are added to Ancestry, that's sort of a form of indexing,
especially since some of it may be names new to Ancestry. So a conditional
minor success.

8 Write more.
Plan: I should do better with this compared to last year since I don't have the
1940 Census to distract me. I've already posted more posts(2) than I did all
last year on The Old Colony Graveyard Rabbit. Here on West in New England, I
need to  write at least one more blogpost for each month than I did last year.
Results: Success. I've written more for both blogs than I did last year, although
the posts here will still be the second lowest yearly total out of 6 years.

9. Organize, Organize, ORGANIZE!!
Plan: Same as last year: JUST DO IT!
Results:  Moderately successful. I've managed to get my downloaded images
renamed and filed by surname.

10. Scan, scan, SCAN!
Plan:  See #9
Results: Failure. I barely scanned anything this year.

So out of ten goals, five were successful, one moderately successful, and four
were disappointments. But still, not too bad, and motivation to do better in


Sara E. Campbell said...

You didn't mention SPEAKING at a genealogical society (sorry I missed it). That is quite an achievement. It should count toward the membership goal. Also the Bash was like going to a meeting, with food!

Bill West said...

Those were both fun!