Thursday, January 02, 2014


Well, it's January, the start of a brand new year, and with it comes the traditionl
New Year resoultions. So here are my geneaplans for 2014. Some are things I've
resolved to do every year, and some are new:

1. Transcribe:  With FamilySearch adding more and more images everyday I've
found will and probate records for quite a few of my colonial New England
ancestors. I have read them all through but I need to transcribe and analyze
them instead of setting them aside "for later".

2. Uitlize FamilySearch more: As I said, they are adding more and more records
there every day. I need to refine my searches more and remember to include
records for my ancestors' siblings since those may yield more information.

3. Organize: I have a bad habit of downloading images and leaving them in
the Downloads folder until it piles up. Then I have to go through them and try
to get them in the proper surname files. I need to do that as soon as I've finished
downlading a particular document.

4. Continue working on my family tree: Time to move on to another line to fill
in the gaps in the collateral branches of my ancestry.  I'll start with my Houghtons
next, I think.

5. Trim the tree: I sill have a lot of duplicate entries from when I first started with
online genealogy. I need to merge the duplicates, making sure to include proper
sources and citations.

6. Join a local society: I know, I know. I say this every year.

7. Continue Find A Grave activities: I have a car once again so once the snow melts
I'll be out taking volunteer photos. I also have more photos I've taken at Mt. Vernon
Cemetery over the past few years that I need to add to the Find A Grave site either
to memorials I create or to memorials of others.

8.Blog more: I wrote 179 posts here in 2013, nine more than the 170 in 2012, but far
below my high of 254 in 2009. I don't know if I'll ever post that much on West in New
England again, but I do plan to shoot for 200 posts this year. Over on my other blog,
The Old Colony Graveyard Rabbit, there were 23 blogposts last year, an improvement
over the 1(!!) post in 2012. I still have a backlog of cemetery photos I need to post there.

9. Scan more: I didn't scan at all last year. I need to get this done. Maybe I can get some
done on Sunday afternoons once football season is over.

10. Index more: I did a bit last year but will try to do more as a way to payback the work
of others that has helped my own research.

11. Get out away from the computer more: Since I now have a car, I plan to visit the towns
in Essex and Worcester County where my ancestors lived.  

12. Break down that John Cutter West brick wall: Hope, as ever, still springs eternal.

And above all, the overall plan is to still to keep having FUN, as I have so far every
year pursuing my ancestors.

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