Friday, November 15, 2013


This is the start of a new series of posts in which I'll list what I've already
learned about one of my family lines. I'll also include a "To Do" list of
things I need to do to learn more. I'll do this alphabetically, so I'm
starting with my Abbott family line.

My 9x great grandfather George Abbott settled in Andover Massachusetts around
1643 and married Hannah Chandler on 12Dec 1646. Supposedly they had been fellow passengers on the same ship, the Arbella, from England. Ironically, my  car is insured
with the Arbella Insurance Company, which uses a picture of the ship as its logo. 

I am descended from two of George and Hannah's sons and one daughter, Sarah Abbott.

Their eldest son John is my 8xgreat grandfather and was married to Sarah Barker,
a daughter of my ancestor Richard Barker

Another son, my 8x great grandfather Benjamin Abbott and his wife Sarah (Farnum) Abbott testified against their neighbor Martha Carrier and accused her of being a
witch during the witchcraft trials. It has since been speculated that they did so in
order to obtain her land.

Two other sons, Joseph and Timothy, were involved in an Indian attack in April,1676.
Joseph was killed. Timothy was taken captive but was released the following August.
Joseph was twenty four and Timothy thirteen years old.

Benjamin's son Jonathan Abbott, my 7x great grandfather, housed some Acadian
exiles in a house he owned in Andover. Initially he was somewhat reluctant but eventually
treated them so well that they gave him a decorated powderhorn in appreciation of his

My Abbott line ends with the marriage of my 4x great grandparents John Ellingwood
and Zerviah Abbott in Andover, Ma. on 29Dec 1789.

Fellow genealogists who are also descendants of  George Abbott and Hannah Chandler are Timothy Abbott, Janice Webster Brown, and Pam Carter.

To Do list:

I have some Abbott generations where I don't know much beyond names and dates,
so I need to work on them. I have a digital copy of the book, Genealogical Register
Of The Descendants Of George Abbott of Andover that I haven't made much use of
yet, so maybe I can find more in that.

I need to examine the Abbott land deeds from Essex County, Ma. and other relevant documents available on FamilySearch

I need to go to Andover and North Andover to view documents and the Abbott Powder
Horn. I'd also like to visit the cemeteries there. Those trips will probably have to wait until Spring now.

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