Thursday, November 21, 2013


I was alerted to the burial of my distant cousin George Donham at Mt. Vernon Cemetery
by a link on to a Find A Grave memorial. I didn't want to use the photo
there without asking permission but I could see from it that the Donhams were buried
with the Studley family. Since the cemetery is not quite a mile from my apartment I
drove over yesterday to look for the gravestone and take my own picture.

(Just as an aside: I've been taking pictures of Mt Vernon Cemetery myself for over a
year now and have about 350 posted now. Ironically, I hadn't done the part where the Donhams were buried yet. It's a big cemetery with a lot of multiple name gravestones.)

I found the headstone sooner than I expected since I had a general idea which part of
the cemetery it might be located. The Studley surname is on the front of the stone, and  members of that family are listed on the front and back.

George Donham's wife was Sarah Studley, and they and their children are listed on the
south side panel of the stone. The north side panel is blank.

So just how is George Donham related to me? Here's a relationship chart that compares
him with my grandfather Floyd E West Sr in their descent from John Dunham and Abigail Ballou:

I started this series of posts after I discovered the family plot of Cornelius T Dunham
in the same cemetery. Cornelius and I are 6th cousins 4x removed. George is my 2nd cousin 4x removed. I've now discovered around 10 family plots at Mt. Vernon Cemetery belonging to relatives using either the Dunham, Donham, or Denham spelling of that family name. I have to wonder if any of the others ever sat in Georges' dentist chair and if they discussed if they were related somehow?

Next, the surprising place George Donham's son Benjamin started a family.

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